About Us

EMFSupport.com and CMNDPRMT.com are a consortium of independent health researchers and manufacturers who provide full supply chain to content creators who may have been shunned by globalist platforms.

All of our products are original intellectual property stemming from more than 100 combined years of medical research and Olympic level athletic experience.

Some example team members are Jordan Turner who grew up in elite continued medical education conferences such as The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine which he believes is the best medical conference in the world. Starting as an assistant researcher to a 50 year veteran, he has struck out on his own harnessing a deep foundation in education from people at the highest levels of the medical field accentuated by his fresh viewpoints.

Another team member example is Adam Hewko who was the youngest Olympic water polo athlete ever in the United States. He met Jordan when his subclavian vein collapsed and his medical doctor told him he would never play at a high level again. After working with Jordan for 10 days his subclavian vein completely reopened to the absolute shock of his cardiologist and he returned to full capability. Jordan and Adam have been friends ever since.

A few years ago, Adam had acquired manufacturing companies and decided to partner up with Jordan to provide Independent Influencers with exclusive designer health products which met the demands of their audience.

Adam and Jordan are joined by Shivie Dhillion, a packaging expert in sustainability and non-endocrine-disrupting materials. Together, they have an independent, completely scalable health focused business model which they wholeheartedly intend to provide real benefits to humanity with. All the while supporting people who may have wrongfully been abandoned by less free thinking companies.

We want you to be the Admin of your life. If you are a person who is passionate about health, apply at CMNDPRMT.com to let us know how we can serve you.